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my review of my London Marathon

So this weekend marks another London Marathon, another opportunity to see the race in the morning on the BBC and probably listen to Sue Barkers inane interviewing 'on the run'.

But what was it like to run, well i was lucky enough in 2007 to get that opportunity..

I stayed the night before at the Marriott in Regents Park which was amazing BUT it necessitated getting the Jubilee Line Tube from Swiss Cottage down to London Waterloo then getting on the special train to take you to the start.  The tube started half empty but by the time we got to Waterloo it was packed, and Waterloo was similarly very busy, so after a few trains i just couldn’t get on, a big push and i made it to Blackheath.

Warm up

Everyone had told me Blackheath would be cold and open to the elements, but i seemed to have got lucky as it was a glorious sunny day and my warm up was rather nice, eating flapjack and banana while at the same time ensuring i was in the right zone to go.

The start

Well as with most popular races just because the starting gun has gone off doesn’t mean you go go go, no it means you wait wait wait, i think it took me about 20 minutes to get over the start line, and it seemed like an age.

The race

If truth be known i don't remember much about the race, i can recall being very pleased to run over Tower Bridge and have a big downer going around the back of Canary Wharf as there were next to no supporters around. Overall a great way to see all of London and all the supporters and people cheering you on, from pubs with bands and merry revellers, to kids and old folks – support is what really makes this race, London does seem to come out and welcome everyone.

The High

For me it was running from the Houses of Parliament, the pain i was in just disappeared, i am sure my final mile or so was rather fast, i loved that bit sprinting up Green Park and around and down the Mall it gave me such a rush.

My Verdict

If you ever get the chance then without a shadow of doubt you must run the London Marathon, i applied for around 4 years before hand until i got in, so don’t give up - it was a fabulous weekend, and yes being able to return to a nice hotel was worth the crush on the tube in the morning.

Thank you



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